2020 Scholarships

To promote its principle of accessible and affordable education for all, Kings College offers attractive scholarships to deserving Malaysian students.  The scholarship schemes are designed to promote talented and dedicated Malaysian students regardless of their financial ability to support their education.  The number of scholarships awarded will be at the discretion of the College.  The...
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International Students

APPLICATION AND ADMISSION PROCEDURES All International students are required to read the guidelines below to comply with the policies of EMGS/Immigration Department of Malaysia and Kings College. By following the step by step guidelines below, we can be sure that your application is processed without complications and delay. All international students are advised to submit...
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Malaysian Students

Application Procedure for Malaysian Students Local students applying at Kings College should fill-out and submit the application form to the Admissions Office. To avoid delays, please ensure that all information is complete. You may obtain an Application Form from the Reception/ Information counter at the college or request through email. You may also qualify for PTPTN Loan...
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Living in Malaysia

Due to its diverse cultural heritage, Malaysia offers an abundance of delicious food, cultural celebrations and interesting architecture to explore. Malaysia is also a great place to study because of its affordability, high standard of education, and close proximity to the rest of Asia. Malaysia is a multicultural society that embraces people of all backgrounds...
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