Diploma in Business Administration


Course Overview

The Diploma in Business Administration offers you a solid foundation in core business concepts necessary to build your understanding of how a business operates.  It equips you with sound management knowledge to deal with the rapidly changing domestic and international business environment.  The coursework covers effective communication, market influences, management principals and more.  This Diploma is an excellent pathway to a higher level of study.

Why Kings College?

  • Students are eligible for additional certifications
  • Final two years at any of our partner University’s transfer programme in Australia and the UK
  • Internships at major accounting and finance firms in Kuala Lumpur
  • Job placement opportunities for domestic students

Entry Requirements

  • Pass SPM / O-Level (Minimum 3 credits or its equivalent)
  • UEC Grade B in 3 Subjects
  • Other relevant academic or professional qualification


  • 2.5 years

N/340/4/0611|JPT/BPP(MQA/PA5806) | 09/20