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We believe that cultural activities have several practical implications. By participating in such activities, our students become more passionate and confident. These activities also foster team spirit and a sense of responsibility in them. Our students learn to face challenges and find solutions to real-life problems. It is also believed that the students become more focused on their careers. 

Through cultural activities, our students get opportunities to interact with others. They no longer remain introvert as they learn the art of building relationships. They learn the art of fostering healthy relationships with their schoolmates.

It is also believed that students participating in cultural activities perform well in their academics. This is because they learn discipline and time management from such activities. This helps them to plan their schedule accordingly and leads to a better learning process.

Meet & Greet Day

With great joy and happiness, we welcome new students to our beloved Kings College Kuala Lumpur.
The Meet & Greet between the Kings Team and newly enrolled students was on the 10th of April 2021. That day was described as all smiles and excitement for all to share a new home and make new friends as well as beautiful memories together. 

The event started with students breaking into groups of 6 and being assigned to a buddy. The buddies ushered them through the halls and rooms of Kings College’s new campus.

The number one attraction was the “Kings’ Wings” – a mural that was hand-drawn and designed by Melanie Bayoud from Embee Designs, an extraordinary artist and designer famously known in Kuala Lumpur for her unique art styles and concepts. 

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