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International Students

In order for us to apply for a Malaysian Student Visa, you will be required to send us the following documents:

Start Online Submission

Compile all of the required documents (you can check what’s needed here) and submit them to Kings, we will double check them before registering them in the EMGS system to ensure a smooth process. 

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Acceptance To Kings

We will monitor (and you can as well, here) your process and update you if we need any further documents. Once the process reaches 70% your VAL (Visa Approval Letter) will be issued to you to downlad and print. We will also send you your offer letter. 

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Airport Clearance

Once you arrive at the airport, head to counter 56 (KLIA 1) and Immigration clearance counter (KLIA 2) and our International Student Services team will be waiting for you. You can also contact us on WhatsApp if you have any issues. 

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EMGS Registration

If your documents have been accepted by our Admissions Counsellor and your deposit has reached our account, we will upload them into the EMGS (Malaysian Immigration) system. 

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Arranging For Malaysia

With your printed VAL and your offer letter (that we will provide you), you then need to go to your embassy to receive your SEV (Single Entry Visa). You can then book your flight (Arriving in KL – Monday to Friday 9am-6pm) and send us your flight details. 

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Arriving to Kuala Lumpur

Once you have passed through immigration and collected your luggage, we will take you to your destination; hotel, pre-arranged accommodation, or to Kings. You will need to do a medical screening within 7 days and your passport will be submitted and you will receive a holding letter. 

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Contact For Support

We are open Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm, Saturday + Sunday 9am – 2pm and closed on holidays.

Telephone: +60 3 2026 7401/2/3

WhatsApp : +60 18-222 0510

Things To Know First

The visa process should be complete within 4 weeks. However, if there is a complication with your application, it can be delayed. Be sure to wait until your visa reaches 70% in the system before booking a flight and feel free to communicate with us along the way. You can track your application process on the EMGS site HERE.