Student Services

Adjusting to student life isn’t always easy, but with our peer support and mentoring programs at Kings, the transition into your new life in Malaysia isn’t so challenging. Our peer-assisted study sessions, which are designed for students who want to improve their academic performance and are run by our very own students who have previously studied the relevant units. 

Social Sessions

Our weekly social events help new students bond with our existing students. We visit cafes, restaurants and tourist hot spots around Kuala Lumpur. 

Meet people from various backgrounds and share your experiences and culture with others. Teachers and staff are also in attendance and are there for you to bond with as well.

Get in touch to find out what events are coming up. 

Student Trips

Each month, Kings staff take our students to various places outside of Kuala Lumpur. We explore the beaches, mountains, historical towns and do activities such as air rider, flow rider, sky mirror, rock climbing etc. 


Welcome Pack

Upon arrival at Kings University College, our international students will be welcomed and gifted with a Kings University College Welcome Pack! This includes a student handbook, a city guide, a water bottle (to use at our filtered water stations), a kings shirt, books, materials, lanyard and stationery. 


All of Kings staff are approachable and are happy to help you if you have any issues. However, we do have a student services team who are always on hand to give you the support you need, especially as living in a foreign country isn’t easy, so rest assured knowing we are always here to help. 


Meals by Campus

Depending on your preference of food and budget, there are many options on the ground floor from local ‘chicken rice’ to fine-dining. Students tend to go to either Chamber or Limapolu for RM10 ($2.50) lunches. 

Break Times

Each student’s break times are different and can change month to month. You will always be updated of your class’ schedule and there are always other students around for you to join for a coffee and chat. 


Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of culture and diversity. There is always so much happening in the city, so depending on what your interests are, you can rest assured knowing there are like-minded people on hand to join you. 

“The Kings University College students were very accommodating. I am a very shy person but they always took me around and the best thing was we always had to speak in English as we are all from different countries.”


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